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The Rapeseed Oil Industry: Companies producing, consuming and trading rapeseed oil

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Nutre rape seed, soya, sunflower
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United Oilseeds Marketing is the UK's only specialised oilseed rape marketing company. We have two key functions: marketing oilseed crops and seed sales.
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Pressed, Bottled Rapeseed Oil Companies

Rapeseed oil which has a great taste and a subtle and pleasant nutty flavour.  It is so versatile in its culinary uses, you can not only fry and roast food, but it is fantastic used in baking recipes, such as cakes and biscuits, bread and pastries, and of course, it makes delicious dressings, marinades and mayonnaises.

Rapeseed oil is high in Vitamin E (important for protecting cell membranes) and contains only 6.5g of saturated fat, which is less than half the saturated fat of olive oil. Rapeseed oil is rich in healthy omega 3, 6 and 9 and contains no preservatives or additives, is trans fat free and GM free.

Links Commodities rapeseed oil brokerage services will assist in promoting pressed, bottled rapeseed oil thus connecting both producer and consumer
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