Links Commodities Trading Platform

What? The launch of the new trading platform hosted by Trayport, Links Commodities publish their rapeseed oil market alongside other brokerage firms and products

Why? A growth market over the last 10 years, Industry feedback is that the FDM rapeseed oil paper market works but there is a requirement for more efficiency and added benefits

Who? Links Commodities trading and industry background partnered with Trayport’s commitment to facilitating trading and Totika Systems excellence in back office execution in commodity markets.

Let the platform do the work!

  • One simple screen for the trader(s)
  • Less phone calls
  • Less messaging
  • More efficient and tidy administration
  • Trades are more confidential

The Platform Benefits

• The FOB Dutch mill terms, specifications and contract remain the same
• More efficiency/less time wasting (cost saving)
• Complete view of the market at all times
• Encourage new entrants (as other markets)
• More transparency, a live traded market to benchmark prices
• Satisfy regulatory requirements – audit
• More standardised trade confirmation and execution
• Focus on added value services– physical market, lineups, market information & analysis

A Vision

Connecting the market by a new and efficient way, ‘Links Commodities Platform’ brokerage system to compliment ‘Over The Phone’ broking whilst providing added value services to the rapeseed oil industry.